COO/Operations Manager APPLY TO THIS JOB

We are only taking applicants from GMT-4 to GMT+3 timezones. And we expect people to be early workers in GMT-4 (start latest 7AM) and work later in GMT+3 (start 12PM, finish at midnight). This is because almost all of our workers are concentrated between GMT-7 to GMT+5 timezones, so this helps someone be available in all the timezones.

We are in search of a proactive, experienced, and leadership-oriented Chief Operating Officer (COO) / Operations Manager with a strong track record in operations, and preferably a background in the health & sciences.

  • Full time.
  • Fully Remote.
  • No agencies.
  • Salary: is highly variable depending on skills, experience, leadership abilities, previous performance, etc...
  • Equity is also available


  • Oversee company operations. Make sure things in the company are integrated well and running efficiently. Coordinate and oversee the efforts of the individual, team, and other resources associated with different company projects
  • Setting KPIs and making sure all teams are meeting their KPIs
  • Finding ways to make the organization more efficient
  • Analyzing performance and implementing strategies to improve performance
  • Guide projects and business operations based on larger business strategy
  • Manage capital investment and expenses to ensure the company achieves investor targets relative to growth and profitability
  • Work closely with the CEO to assess opportunities and challenges as well as to implement strategic decisions within smaller teams
  • Business development, build strong internal and external relationships as a primary leader and representative of the company
  • Oversee/track employee performance in the company. Knowing who in the company is performing and who isn’t at all times. Improve employee productivity.
  • Ensure effective recruiting, professional development, performance management, compensation, and retention
  • Various HR operations
  • Help strategize on ways to increase revenue and take a part in implementing them
  • Manage accounting/making sure our books are done and in order.
  • Due diligence for relevant fields SelfDecode is involved with
  • Set goals for performance and growth
  • Coordinate with legal counsel to make sure we have proper contracts, terms of service, and that everything we do is legally compliant.

Skills & Experience

  • 5+ years experience in executive, management and leadership positions, including in operations.
  • Understanding of advanced business planning and regulatory issues
  • Experience is running startups in a COO type position
  • Experience in a remote company

Significant Plusses

  • Experience in successful and fast growing startups
  • Experience with Saas companies
  • Experience in the biotech industry
  • Background in health and science
  • Legal and finance background or relevant experience in this area