About Us:

SelfDecode is a well-funded biotech startup in the personalized health space. We build software to help interpret peoples’ genetics, lab tests, and symptoms in order to give personalized health recommendations. Our primary goal is to give people the tools they need to live a healthier and better life.

We are a flat organization and prioritize efficiency.

  • We work as a team and every input and suggestion is taken into account, no matter who it comes from.
  • We thrive on open communication and dedication.
  • We are a meritocracy and people who show good abilities or skills can move up in the organization fast, get raises, etc…
  • We expect people to work full time without side gigs.
  • We expect the applicant to have a long term relationship with our company.
  • We expect employees to be proactive and autonomous.
  • We do not micromanage.
  • Dishonesty is not tolerated at all, and we thrive on trust.
  • When you're working, we expect you to work.
  • We emphasize skills & abilities rather than formal education.

Job Description:

We are looking for an experienced Agile Coach to help transition our business from its existing work practices to infusing a real agile understanding from the top-down. 

You will coach, mentor and guide our people to figure out the best solutions for their specific department challenges. You will analyze the organization's existing infrastructure and implement improvements to help streamline processes and create efficiencies. Ultimately, you will play a key role in the long-term strategy across the entire organization, helping our teams to deliver better products in a faster, more efficient manner.

The Role is: 

  • Full time.
  • Fully Remote.
  • No agencies.
  • Competitive salary; Will be in accordance with skill, abilities, and experience, and can vary widely.


  • Work with project teams to analyze current systems and processes and design a strategy for the adoption of agile best practices
  • Guide teams to help them stay on track with agile techniques, fine-tuning approaches as needed to ensure the overall strategy is being met
  • Lead agile workshops for both development and functional teams, as well as key stakeholders
  • Promote and advocate a culture of continuous improvement, setting goals and milestones and being accountable for them
  • Drive cultural change by championing an agile mindset and ensure the organization is at the forefront of industry best practices
  • Facilitate learning and development through individual and team coaching
  • Coach senior management in agile practices to ensure adoption of best practices from top-down
  • Effectively communicate agile principles, scrum practices and overall operating model across the organization
  • Champion the use of metrics and other objective measures across teams
  • Undertake daily follow-ups with individual team members to ensure projects are on track and goals are being met
  • Keep an objective perspective on issues and troubleshoots by applying agile principles
  • Hold stand-up meetings with cross-functional teams to review project status
  • Support teams in determining the resource allocation to maintain agile practices and ensure smooth project delivery

Required Skills & Experience: 

  • 5+ years of experience as an Agile Coach with hands on experience of high scale delivery
  • Experience in Scrum, Kanban, and Scaled Agile Frameworks (SAFe)
  • Can showcase examples of implementing agile techniques in different cultures and environments
  • Experience running agile projects of varying size and complexity
  • Strong leader, educator, and coach
  • An excellent communicator and motivator


  • Scrum Coach certification
  • Scrum Master certification
  • Experience coaching at start-ups
  • Computer Science background
  • Health Enthusiast


Must be located in East Europe or West Asian Timezone (Poland/Ukraine/Pakistan/India/Sri Lanka/etc,...)

Important: share your LinkedIn profile. Having an up-to-date Linkedin profile will make you a more competitive applicant!


Hiring Process

Our typical hiring process looks like this:

  • Screening tests & questionnaires
  • Interview & resume vetting
  • Test task

Our hiring process is heavily focused on screening tests instead of interviews. So instead of 3-5 interviews that are typical for companies, we have 1 interview and the screening tests.

The screening tests help us predict if you are able to solve complex problems and reason well.

You will be prompted to take our screening tests as soon as you fill out the questionnaire. 

The way the tests are designed is that each stage has a disqualification so that if you don't pass, you can't progress to the next stage.

We do not consider applicants who don't pass our screening tests, so please be sure to make it to the end.

You can take a break in between tests and come back.


  • Double Trouble (4 attempts, 6 min total)
  • Grammatical Reasoning (3 attempts, 4 min total)
  • Operation Span (2 attempts, 5 min totsl)


  • Logic Passages (±20 min)
  • Logic Passages 2 (±25 min)
  • Logic Puzzle (±25 min)
  • Logic Puzzle 2 (±20 min)

In total, this should take 1 hr 45 min to complete. But keep in mind that these replace 2 interviews that would otherwise take place, which is equivalent to this time. Also, keep in mind that 95% of people get kicked out early as a result of failing one of the tests.

In order to be hired by our company, all of these tests must be successfully completed and you must pass our minimum scoring threshold for each section.

Anyone who does well on these tests and has the proper experience detailed in this job post will get an email within a few days to book a technical interview.

If you think you're smart enough to pass our tests, then we invite you to try!

Anyone who does well on these tests and has the proper experience detailed in this job post will get an email within a few days to book with the CEO an interview. That is the only interview that will occur.

If you think you're smart enough to pass our tests, then we invite you to try!

Note: please complete the application and pre-screening within 3 days of starting or you will be automatically disqualified. If you can't take it within 3 days, then email us and we will give you a time extension.


If you have any questions, you can email us at recruiting@selfdecode.com