Customer Service Representative APPLY TO THIS JOB

Please only apply to this position if you can work regular working hours in EST Time Zone. 

About Us:

SelfDecode is a well-funded biotech startup in the personalized health space. We build software to help interpret peoples’ genetics, lab tests and symptoms in order to give personalized health recommendations.

  • Our primary goal is to give people the tools they need to live a healthier and better life.
  • We are a flat organization and prioritize efficiency.
  • We work as a team and every input and suggestion is taken into account, no matter who it comes from.
  • We thrive on open communication and dedication.We are a meritocracy and people who show good abilities or skills can move up in the organization fast, get raises, etc…
  • We expect people to work full time without side gigs.
  • We expect the applicant to have a long term relationship with our company.
  • We expect employees to be proactive and autonomous.
  • We do not micromanage.
  • Dishonesty is not tolerated at all, and we thrive on trust.
  • When you're working, we expect you to work.
  • We emphasize skills & abilities rather than formal education.

We are very selective in our process because we look for a very long-term, full-time partnership with our employees. We try to keep the application process as short as possible, so that we don't waste anyone's time. 

Job Type and Pay: 

We are looking for a talented Customer Service Representative with previous professional experience in a similar role. Pay will be in accordance with abilities, experience, and company fit. The role is: 

  • Full-time
  • Fully remote
  • Competitive salary; Will be in accordance with skill, abilities, and experience, and can vary widely.
  • Not open to agencies
  • Flexibly scheduled


Skills & Experience:

  • Professional experience in Customer Support for a consumer services or SAAS company preffered. 
  • Engaging and personable; capable of bringing out the positive in any situation and remaining calm and collected.
  • Enthusiastic about helping people and making every customer happy.
  • Superb written and verbal communications skills in English.
  • Positive and team-oriented; ability to work independently as well as collaboratively within teams.
  • Meticulous attention to detail, organized, and willingness to be on call.



  • Act as the primary point of contact for our clients through email, live chat interactions, and sometimes over the phone.
  • Devise creative solutions and offer clear guidance to our customers. Maintain excellent composure and rapport in all intercations.
  • Think creatively about ways to improve and strengthen SelfDecode’s relationship with customers
  • Assist customers in managing their subscriptions, solving technical issues, and finding the appropriate product solutions for their needs.
  • Upsell SelfDecode’s products and services when appropriate.
  • Communicate internally to resolve customer issues, identify product or development issues, and engage the proper team members to solve them.


  • You are a health enthusiast
  • Experience in sales/upselling products
  • Science background
  • Experience with Helpscout or other CRM platform.