Executive Assistant (Israel) APPLY TO THIS JOB

Please read the whole job ad.

You will be working for Joe Cohen, who is a startup founder of 4 companies. He has been in Israel since Feb 2020.

You will be working in Joe's home without any other employees there, so you must be comfortable in such an environment.

Job Type 

  • Part-time personal assistant
  • Need to be a native English speak for a full time job, and to work as an executive assistant.
  • Flexible schedule
  • Job will be in Joe's home office (Byron St)
  • Fluent English and Hebrew required
  • Must be Proactive, Efficient, Organized and Reliable
  • Responsive, including during weekends


  • Total compensation will be $25/hr USD as an independent contractor

Example Personal Duties

These are the main tasks that Joe needs. This is approximately 20 hours a week of work. 

If an applicant wants full-time work, then Joe will assign business-related tasks, but only after his personal tasks are completed.

  • Ordering takeout OR cooking if you like to cook
  • Arranging/managing a cleaner (& Tidying up the apt when the cleaner is not around)
  • Arranging & setting up dinners/parties/home events
  • Reaching out to people to invite to dinners (business development)
  • Shopping/buying things for Joe
  • Arranging laundry pickup/drop off
  • Making Aliyah for Joe and dealing with Israeli bureaucracy
  • Paying bills
  • Organizing paperwork
  • Manage Joe's personal social media

Example Executive Assistant Duties

  • Scheduling
  • Answering/sending emails
  • Managing HR
  • Paying employees
  • Business development
  • Researching laws
  • Interacting with accountants/lawyers to research relevant laws


If you have any questions, you can email Joe at jcohen@selfdecode.com

Note: please complete the application and pre-screening within a few days of starting. Note that each game is given multiple times, keep going.