Influencer Marketing Specialist APPLY TO THIS JOB

Job Description

We are looking for a seasoned & well-rounded Influencer Marketing Specialist to develop, maintain, and execute our influencer marketing strategies. The ideal candidate is digitally savvy, experienced, and marketing minded with excellent written and verbal communication skills.

The role is:

  • Full time - we expect people to put in 40 hrs a week or more
  • Fully Remote.
  • For one individual. No agencies.
  • Salaried: Highly competitive depending on skills, experience, education, culture fit, and leadership abilities etc.


  • Identify and build relationships with prominent influencers and leaders in the health and wellness world.
  • Develop and execute influencer marketing strategies and creative campaigns.
  • Research relevant industry experts, competitors, target audience, and users.
  • Brainstorm new, creative approaches to influencer campaigns.
  • Maintain a constant awareness of emerging trends, technologies and influencers.
  • Work with the marketing team to create and coordinate marketing strategies that work across different channels
  • Consistently monitor comments, questions, direct messages, tags, @s, and concerns
  • Assist the customer service team on chat, email, and phone platforms, as needed
  • Assist marketing colleagues, as needed

Skills & Experience: 

  • 5+ years of experience with social media influencers
  • Superior internal and external communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively
  • Proven track record in outreach campaign strategies
  • In depth knowledge of the social media marketing industry
  • Impeccable verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • Networking aptitude


  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Marketing, Communications or other relevant field
  • MBA
  • Previous remote work experience, experience working in a startup, or in a D2C, SAAS business model
  • Background in the health and wellness